Davis Interactive

In today’s ever-changing world, any business that doesn’t keep up with modern marketing trends will be quickly left behind. The prevalence of social media has necessitated a new kind of marketing. We at Davis Interactive are experienced in social-media marketing and are ready to put our expertise to work for your business.

Get Set...Go!

In 1993, Romondo Davis left a 15-year career in broadcasting to pursue a new medium that had only recently emerged. With an adamant interest in computing and creative, interactive marketing, he confidently founded Davis Interactive. Ever since, we have been providing expert-level marketing solutions to business in various industries.

Progressive and Up-to-Date

One of the benefits of our twenty-plus year history is that we have experience through multiple generations of online marketing techniques. We are pioneers in digital marketing. We have been providing digital services since the inception of the internet; back when things were not as simple as they are now. We began by designing CD-ROMs for clients before websites even existed. Because of constantly changing technologies and trends, we take a progressive approach to how we provide service and have always sought to be as up-to-date as was possible. This insight is a useful asset in serving your company’s marketing needs.

Industry Experience

Davis Interactive has worked with dozens of clients across a wide spectrum of industries; including broadcasting, government, higher education, medical, entrepreneurial, faith-based, retail, B2B, and more.

Creative Solutions

Our goal has always been to work toward creative solutions through all available mediums to achieve optimal exposure for our clients. For example, when we develop content we repurpose it for distribution through multiple platforms, such as YouTube, podcasting (iTunes), blogs, websites, social-media, email marketing, etc.

It's a Win-Win Situation!

Through our extensive knowledge of search marketing practices, our ongoing social media management, and our in-house design and copywriting resources, we can help your business get the exposure that you need to widen your client base and enhance your customer experience.