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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging![Read More...]

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Big Retailers and Facebook Marketing

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs miss out on the marketing potential of Facebook by not thinking big. By observing and putting into practice what the big retailers do, you can increase your Facebook Marketing ROI. A simple example is the[Read More...]

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3 Levels of Social Media Communication

The way businesses think about Internet marketing is critical to realizing positive ROI, growth and significant success. We ask our clients to think about these three levels of social media communication: Talk to your customers in an authentic voice to[Read More...]

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What’s Wrong with Video on the Web?

Poor lighting, ambient sound, bad framing, and shaky shots can make video hard to watch. Web communicators who have valuable information to share, often lose the interest and respect of their viewers because their videos look or sound unprofessional. I’m[Read More...]

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Search Engine Optimization Primer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to increasing traffic to a website. Gaining high page rank—listing at the top of page one of the search results—isn’t easy, but well worth the time and effort. Search engines—primarily Google, Yahoo, and[Read More...]

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In-bound and Interactive Marketing

As we strive for continuous improvement in the delivery of internet marketing services to clients, I pay close attention to concepts related to this field, as well as how my peers and competitors describe them. It’s wasn’t too long ago[Read More...]

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Updated Site – New Blog

We’re re-launching the Davis Interactive website after spending a few months promoting the brand and web presence of founder Romondo Davis. With that project completed, we’re re-launching this site and updating it with new content and descriptions of our expanded[Read More...]

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