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By In Blogging, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, . . . On December 28, 2009

As we strive for continuous improvement in the delivery of internet marketing services to clients, I pay close attention to concepts related to this field, as well as how my peers and competitors describe them.

It’s wasn’t too long ago that I considered the best description of what we do as Internet marketing. In the past year I became aware of the term in-bound marketing. Traditional marketing consists of tactics related to reaching out to an audience, e.g. direct mail, advertising and email blasts. In-bound marketing, on the other hand, describes how your customers find you; mostly through search engines, social networks and word-of-mouth.

Most recently, I read about another perspective on marketing known asinteractive marketing, which describes what’s going on when customers and prospects interacting with your brand by:

  • commenting on your blog
  • participating in your forum
  • watching a video on YouTube
  • becoming a Fan on Facebook
  • following you on Twitter
  • taking a survey
  • filling out a questionnaire
  • voting in a poll
  • posting an article or a product to digg or delicious
  • and so much more

Whichever words or phrases we use to describe it, the mission of Davis Interactive is to help you:

  • expose your website and content to the search engines
  • provide as large a footprint on the universe of the Internet as possible
  • leverage your existing content
  • create new content
  • create community among employees, vendors, customers, friends, etc.
  • enable authentic company/customer interaction
  • deliver great user experiences
  • promote viral sharing,

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or observations about this, please feel free to leave a comment to this blog entry, email on our contact page, or on Twitter or Facebook. If you’d prefer to leave a voicemail message, call our Google Voice line at 314-485-9633.

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